Your 2021 Closet


Sophia Torres, staff

With all the quarantine time we had in 2020, I think we all had some time to do some closet cleanups, online shopping and really find out what we love to wear. But what will we be wearing in 2021? Are the trends changing? What’s totally “last year” and what’s totally in style right now?

One of the biggest factors for this constant change in style is social media. Seeing influencers with their unique outfits and crazy accessories really gets us moving to change our wardrobe and our style.

“I think Emma Chamberlain has affected my style the most because she doesn’t care if others think her clothes are cute or ugly. She wears what she wants despite the hate,” junior Johanna Diez said.

19 year old Emma Chamberlain is one of the biggest female influencers of this generation with almost 10 million YouTube subscribers and 12.3 million Instagram followers. Her quirky personality and unique sense of style is what attracts so many young girls to watch her videos and follow hernstyle.

“my favorite fashion trend right now would have to be sweater vests! I love how we are bringing back 60s/70s fashion trends and making preppy school looks into fashion looks,” junior Anna Quintero said.

This year, the old became the new. When you think about sweater vests, you might think of teenage boys at a preparatory school. But people have gotten very creative with their looks and have decided to add on sweater vests to their blouses or t shirts when going out and pair it with a pair of jeans and sneakers.

“I think that the biggest trend of 2021 is going to be funky/psychedelic type of pants. We are already seeing so many different things and different colored pants just boost up any outfit with a pop of crazy color,” sophomore Daniela Rodríguez said.

We started seeing funky pants at the near end of 2020. Their psychedelic patterns are what attract so many young girls to want to buy them so fast. Many small businesses like House of Sunny and Cool is a construct that are known for their funky patterned clothing are starting to sell out very quickly and are expected to be the NEW for 2021.

We are only a couple months into 2021 and I think there are very high hopes when it comes to fashion this year. So many people all across the world are influencing each other everyday when it comes to their style. Fashion will continue to evolve every year but for now… let’s just wait and see what 2021 brings to our closet.