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Isabella Balcazar, staff

Blue Missions service trip is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving public health by providing families with clean water and sanitary environments. The volunteers have made an enormous impact on the families living in the Dominican Republic and have supplied 22,000 people with clean water.

Many OLLA students that have gone on a Blue Missions in the past have only positive things to say about it.

“An eye-opening experience that made me grateful for everything I have. I made many friends and will truly never forget the experience that Blue Missions Trip provided for me” junior Isolda Villalobos said.

Villalobos went on a Blue Missions sanitation trip in summer of 2019.

Unfortunately, last year trips were cancelled when coronavirus hit leaving many anticipating students at OLLA heartbroken. Luckily, this upcoming summer the mission trip is resuming their regular trips with only a few adjustments in order to keep the volunteers safe from the virus. Blue Missions holds all its volunteers safety as a priority. They even claim that as of November they have not seen any Coronavirus cases in the communities they work in. In addition, the staff has traveled many times to the Dominican Republic to test out all of the protocols involved and came back with no issues or new cases.

“I look forward to going on Blue Missions this summer with my friends and can’t wait to help out!” freshman Daniella Balcazar said. She plans on participating in this summer’s water trip.

This summer Blue Missions will be completing a total of 22 water and sanitation projects. There are even a few spots left on two of the OLLA trips for any bobcats interested in signing up. The dates of these two trips are: 6/19-6/26 and 8/2-8/9.

“We would love for more Bobcats to join us and sign up soon,” Natalia Esnard ‘2016, a member of the Blue Missions team said.