The Youth Vote

October 28, 2020

“As the youth of America you have a responsibility to vote for your future.”

Come every election year, we are urged to use our civil right to vote in the coming election. Some young people do, but statistically those who fall between the ages of 18-24 are the least likely to vote for local and national elections.

To understand why young people don’t vote we must understand how they behave. Many view the duty as an optional chore that can be completed but isn’t necessary. Moreover, many younger citizens are uninterested or uninformed about the plot of our country and therefore have little to no formed opinion on issues and candidates.

Indifference is the most dangerous attitude that can come from us as a country. This lack of concern for issues that will greatly affect our country is the equivalent to us handing over our power as the people. Although it may sound like an overused phrase, we truly are the future of our country and therefore we must be concerned with the leaders that will make the decisions for us. Standing by will only give power to the few who act and those will then be able to control the future.

For these reasons it is critical to understand that whether politics is something that you’re passionate about or not, as a citizen of the United States it is your right and duty to get educated and form your own opinions. Voting is a right and we are fortunate enough to live in a nation that encourages it. Act on your rights to make your voice heard because as little as you think your opinion matters, we are strong in numbers. The youth must create their own voice and make it heard.

Whether you’re reading this as a freshman, faculty member, senior, or parent, you are reliable for educating yourself in order to build a better society for yourself and others. Even if you can’t vote now, start getting informed and encourage others to do their part. Being an informed citizen is the first step. For those who can, vote at your nearest voting booth and be proud too have a voice.