Student Business: A passion for Jewels

December 14, 2020


During quarantine, senior Isa Roche and her mom put their passion of making jewelry together and started a jewelry business called A&I.

I had some extra time on my hands during quarantine, so I decided to start a jewelry business with my mom. I had already been making jewelry for myself since freshman year.

People started to notice her jewelry which led her to the start of the business.

“I kept getting compliments on my jewelry and people kept asking where I bought it. My mom noticed how much attention the jewelry was getting so we decided to start A and I,” Roche said.

Roche and her mom make a variety of types of jewelry. They sell many types of earrings, chockers, necklaces to layer and rings.

“The style of my jewelry I make is mostly dainty and simple, but I make sure to include things that everyone would like,” Roche said.

Isa’s friends and family have supported her passion for making jewelry.

“I have danced with Isa for as long as I can remember when she told me she was thinking about selling jewelry. I was super excited and Supported her. Her business is super affordable and cute,” junior Isabella Zumpano said.

Roche wants to continue to grow in her business. She is currently working on a website of shopping to make it easier for her customers. Her store is found on Instagram as- a.and.i.jewels

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