A Shift for Senior Lock-In

Seniors get together for sisterhood event in a new way.

February 16, 2021

In a COVID friendly environment, the senior class came together for the first time on Saturday, February 6th from 9am to 4pm.

Lock-in is usually an event held for the seniors where they sleep over at school and bond as a class. Due to COVID-19, this year lock-in took place only during the day. Fortunately, many if not all of the activities that take place during the regular lock-in also got to happen this time.

“I don’t feel like seniors missed out on anything because the sleeping part is not the make-it or break-it part, and, in the end, they still got to have the full experience,” senior class moderator Mrs. Michelle Minoso said. “I would even say that it was better this year than other times because we weren’t as tired while playing the games as we would’ve been at night.”

The day consisted of separate teams of seniors competing against each other in a number of different games and a final dance off. The team with the highest number of bracelets, which were obtained by winning the games, would get a greater prize at the end of the day.

“My favorite activity was the dance off because it didn’t matter if the dance was good or bad, but everyone was just happy to be there with each other, bonding as a class,” senior and student council member Lauren Quintana said.

Each team got to compete at every game. Senior class moderators Mrs. Minoso and Ms. Ana Figueras and the senior student council made it possible for this to happen. They worked together around the current circumstances so that the senior Lock-in would be held and the class could come together as one at least during the day.

“Organizing it was very stressful as it had to be changed from past Lock-ins, with a few modifications to the games and the overall sleeping part, but I’m glad council came together together andvput all their energy so that it would be as great as it was,” Quintana said.

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A Shift for Senior Lock-In