COVID Disrupts School Sports

Changes Disrupt Season But Teams Still Successful


Danielle Noriega, staff

School sports have all been affected by COVID. Most have a shorter season, less games, multiple canceled practices, and other conditions that make it a more difficult season but that hasn’t stopped the athletes from working towards victory.

“COVID completely changed our season, but we made the best of it,” sophomore Carmen Rionda said. “We only played a fraction of the season, and had to be practicing and playing with masks through all of it.”

The volleyball team quarantined a few times but still had a great season. The team’s record was 8-2. Volleyball wasn’t the only sport that got affected by COVID.

Basketball player, Ana Sofia Sanchez said that she was grateful for being able to play 18 games.

“Having my teammates by my side even through the ups and downs,” Sanchez said.

The team made it pretty far along even with all the difficulties COVID caused.

The soccer team has also dealt with multiple COVID cases and cancellations because of it, but that didn’t stop them from making the state championship again this year.

“COVID affected us even though soccer is an outside sport, during practices we have to wear masks which makes it more difficult, but our team is now stronger because of it, sophomore Katerina Puig said.

COVID has made an impact on all athletes some have gone through more but they all played their hearts out.