The Epic Comeback of 2020: Drive-in Movie Theaters

Isabella Nunez, staff

You may have heard stories from your very own grandparents spending a classic night at the drive-in movie theater. Some of us may have dreamt what it would be like, and now we can experience it ourselves.

Initially called, “Park-in movie theaters”, the first ever drive-in movie theater was created in 1933, and located in New Jersey. The idea came about when Richard Holligshead created a mini drive-in theater for his mother who wished to be comfortable while watching a movie, instead of being crammed in a tiny seat at the actual theater. The invention spread internationally and resulted in a global hit.

That was until the business rapidly declined as technology advanced and the majority of people desired to spend their time at the cool, luxurious theaters. Drive-in movie theaters became ancient history, and all we were left with was vintage pictures and stories from our parents and grandparents.

Although the global pandemic resulted in various unfortunate events, one positive outcome is the return of drive-in movie theaters. They were brought back for the purpose of aspiring to society’s desire of going back to normal (pre-covid), while staying safe. Slowly, but surely we have successfully adjusted to the new normal. The new drive-in movie theaters promote social distancing while returning to a usual social activity.

With all of this excitement, I wanted to see if our OLLA community has partaken in the epic experience.

“I have not been but it is definitely on my bucket list and I plan to go once I get my license,” sophomore Estefania Cardenal said.

Many of students have been to a drive-in movie theater this year. Sophomore Isa Yasher visited a local drive-in movie theater this year.

“I think drive-in movies are so much fun and it makes you feel like you are living in the olden days, Yasher said. “I like it much better than actual movie theaters because it is really cool to just sit in ur car with all the windows down and watch a movie. Also the drive in movie theater I went to you were able to order food and they brought it to your car. It is also a perfect time to go to drive in movies with Covid and everything”.

Now is the time to grab your keys, take the car, and experience the surreal adventure of a drive-in movie theater as our parents reminisce the nostalgic memories from their adolescence.

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