Is standardized testing really necessary?

Sofia Borja, staff

With upcoming SAT and ACT testing dates juniors are feeling pressured to get perfect scores while seniors are hoping that their scores are enough to be accepted to their colleges of choice. There have been some differing opinions about whether or not standardized testing should be required for college admissions.

Some say these tests aren’t an accurate representation of students’ academic abilities.

“Many students, including me, find it difficult to take exams because of lack of concentration and other factors,” senior Victoria Dunoyer said.

With the March SAT coming soon there has been a discussion of the real importance of standardized tests.

“I don’t think that standardized tests are an accurate representation of our academic abilities because some do better at testing than others. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re more intelligent,” junior Eva Aguirre said.

Nevertheless, standardized tests are required for all college admissions varying from college to college. Because of COVID many schools were test-optional this year a trend that hopef

Although standardized tests provide a “fair” method of testing students capabilities, it does contain cons that outweigh the pros. In my opinion, colleges should take into account numerous factors when viewing a student’s application and not just their scores on the SAT or ACT.