Extreme Weather is Coming for You

There has been an increase in the frequency and strength of extreme weather events due to climate change. Here is how these events have evolved over time and how we will be affected.


Mia Michele Aviles, Assistant Editor

Climate change is defined as a change in the global or regional climate patterns. More specifically, as the change which began in the middle of the 20th century due to the increased levels of carbon dioxide produced from human activities and the use of fossil fuels.

We have seen the effects, shrunken glaciers, oceans warming, heat waves, drought, rising sea levels, and the growing power of natural disasters all around the world. Recently, we saw this in Texas, where a devastating brutal winter storm caused at least 26 deaths, widespread power outages, and boil water advisories.

They were the coldest temperatures Texas has had to face in decades, and the state was not able to handle it correctly. The issue was mainly due to the lack of energy supply as the low temperatures shuttered power facilities, leaving over four million Texans in blackouts.

Here in Miami, a city sitting at sea level, we are extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Scientists have predicted that global sea levels will rise to two feet higher than they are today, and at the rate of climate change is going, it might be higher.

Due to the rising sea levels, the Biscayne aquifer would suffer from salt-water intrusion and would require billions of dollars in new water treatment facilities. Newer buildings are being constructed to be taller and higher to account for these changes, and investors and companies are backing away from long term investments.

That’s not all we will be facing, on top of the rising sea level and global warming affecting our natural habitats in South Florida, there will be stronger extreme weather heading our way. We have already seen and heard in the news about all of these new hurricanes setting records in size and destruction, but it is truly only the beginning.

Climate change and the extreme weather crisis are getting harder and harder for deniers to ignore, and soon they will be knocking on our door here in Miami. It is important that we stay vigilant at trying to find innovative solutions to help combat climate change and its effects across the globe, and it is apparent that we are running out of time to prevent things from getting worse.