SADD Club Build a Safe Car Competition

April 19, 2021

The SADD Club hosted a competition to help explain the importance of wearing a seatbelt in a creative and fun way on Friday, March 29th. Chemistry teacher Mrs. Elena Arteaga-Diaz organized the event and encouraged all FOCUS blocks to participate.

“Making the cars with my focus class and pushing them down the ramp was really exciting,” sophomore Isabella Castilla said.

Each competing group prepared weeks in advance for this competition, in which they used their imagination and teamwork to build their model. The car models were made from recyclable materials such as plastic water bottles, paper clips, bottle caps, and more.

Mrs. Arteaga and the club members also made a ramp out of cardboard boxes for the cars to be tested on. Then, on Friday, March 29th, all the groups lined up. All the students watched from the second floor as their car went down the ramp. The winners for the grades received a pizza party for their focus.

“This was a fun experience and I loved working with my classmates on the car,” sophomore Sophia Cortina said.

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