Exciting and Scary Times

Seniors nearing


Lyanette Fernandez, staff

For most of our seniors, college is an extremely scary thing that means many things.

Adulthood, living on our own, doing things by ourselves, new serious responsibilities, going into the real world, a complete 360. Everything is going to change, some are moving across the country, leaving their homes, being 18 and leaving your family is a frightening thing.

We’re all still young and barely know how to handle ourselves. So do our seniors feel like they are prepared for what comes next?

“I’m sad about leaving my family and my little brother behind, I’m gonna miss them a lot but I’m also very excited. I get to be on my
own for the first time and meet new people, it’s a new chapter of my life full of new experiences,” senior Victoria Lebeña said. “But even though I’m really excited about being on my own, I’m also really scared about being away from my parents and becoming independent and doing things without their help.” Lebeña is leaving Miami and attending Florida State University.

Senior Catie Linares who will be attending Indiana University is also anxious about going away.

“I’m scared to be leaving my family and going so far away from them, I don’t think I’ve ever been apart from them for so long or too far away so this is definitely a change. But I’m also excited to be starting a new life in a town with new people who are very nice, and since it’s a college town I like it even more. I’m also gonna miss my friends a lot and Lourdes but it’s time for a new start,” Linares said.

The seniors are extremely excited and scared, a paradox of emotions that come with any big change.