Club Sports vs. High School Sports

Does playing club sports affect your high school sports season?


Maria Jose De Armas, staff

Have you ever been part of a high school sports team? Playing sports in high school is an enormous commitment and responsibility. When analyzing what goes into the decision making process for a sports team, a very important question is posed. Does being part of a club team affect your chances of being part of the school team?

“In my opinion, being part of a club volleyball team gives you more opportunities when it comes to highschool,” sophomore Olivia Fraga said. “It keeps you fresh and ready for tryouts because you are still training even after the school season has ended.”

During volleyball club season, depending on your division, you have many tournaments in and out of state. During these tournaments coaches could be watching you to see what your abilities are and what you could contribute to their team.

“I have also met many players and coaches that made the transition into high school volleyball much easier,” Fraga said. “I feel that since the coaches already know you and have seen you play, it gives them a better idea of your capabilities on and off the court.”

Not only does playing club open many doors, it also keeps the competitive spirit alive. It allows players to play people of the same age constantly in tournaments. This not only makes you a better athlete it also allows players to meet people who might even end up on the same high school team.

“Playing club basketball has kept me in shape and ready for school tryouts,” sophomore Ana Sofia Sanchez said. “ Many players on my club team are also part of the highschool team. This has allowed me to build stronger connections with them which improves our performance on the court.”

Playing club sports gives a player an advantage when it comes to high school sports. This is because it allows participants to meet players and coaches and introduce them to your skills. It also keeps players in shape for tryouts as well as the school season.

“If you are considering trying out for your high school team, it is in your best interest that you join a club team,” Fraga said.