OLLAtv competes at State Convention

The OLLAtv Crew won two awards at their first ever FSPA State Convention this past week. The FSPA State Convention is the official journalism competition in the state of Florida. The award ceremony took place on April 30, 2021.

Among the winners was junior Mariana Brime who placed first in the State of Florida for the Best News Anchor Category. Sophomore Riley Guell and senior Rebecca Gonzalez placed second in the Broadcast PSA category.

Previously, the school only competed in the district level but this year they were able to compete in the state level.

Brime was assisted behind the camera by sophomores Alejandra Gomez-Pina and Madison Hernandez. Gomez-Pina helped edit while Hernandez helped write and pick out stories to cover.

Their submission only took 30 minutes to create and submit as opposed to other schools which had the entire day. This included preparing, shooting, and editing. They prepared three stories which included national, local, and school coverage.

Since they submitted their first draft, Brime was not expecting to win first place.

“I didn’t think I would win so I didn’t tune in until later and I only tuned in in case Lourdes won any other categories,” junior Brime said.

Other schools from Miami also attended the competition including Columbus who have the best program in the nation. They placed third.