Athletes Honored at End of Year Awards


Ana Serratos, staff

On May 17, the school hosted its annual Sports Banquet in the gym. Student athletes were recognized for their accomplishments and dedication to their respective sports.

Last school year, the event had to be held over Zoom due to the pandemic, but this year the Sports Banquet was able to be held in person. Athletes from the more than 10 varsity sports teams were invited. The event was additionally streamed over Zoom since no one but the athletes and coaches were permitted to attend.

The ceremony began with a video displaying pictures from this years’ athletic events. From cross-country races to lacrosse games to soccer games, the girls performed with excellence despite the changes in their seasons.

“Honestly, races without parents or any spectators felt very strange to me,” said junior Anita Romeu, a member of the cross country and track teams.

To maintain social distancing and COVID regulations, several teams were forced to reduce the number of members in their teams. The amount of competitions the teams participated in also was affected.

“This year, we were only able to participate in 2 meets while last year we would have a meet every week, sometimes even two per week,” said senior Kristen Morales, a member of the swimming team.

However, aside from the disturbances, every sports team in the school was able to make it at least to districts. The volleyball team made it all the way to regionals as well as the swimming team. The track team not only won the district championship but they also made it all the way to states. In addition, the soccer once again played at the state championship—their third time in just four years.

After the athletics director, Maura Herrholz, mentioned how the athletes dealt with this year’s challenges, she presented some awards to three seniors who have not only excelled athletically, but have also excelled academically. The awards were Athlete of the Year, Sportsmanship Award and finally Scholar Athlete of the Year, which were given to Alexa Sanchez, Daniela Galceran and Brooke Merdjane, respectively.

The event continued with the passing out of diplomas to each of the athletes and of trophies to those students who distinguished themselves from the rest of her teammates. Even though not everyone received a trophy, the coaches confirmed that all the girls were essential to their teams.

On a closing note, the Sports Banquet is an event that brings together all the sports and allows the student athletes look back at all they have accomplished. It is one of the greatest OLLA traditions that will definitely continue as the years pass.