The College Essay


Valeria Fanilla, staff

Rising seniors have a lot on their plate. From standardized testing, to high GPA goals, and many more responsibilities and tasks, juniors are scrambling to get things done to the best of their abilities. Among these strenuous tasks is the infamous College Entry Essay, probably a student’s worst nightmare.

It always seems so far away, however time flies faster than light, and all of a sudden, many juniors find themselves staring at a blinking cursor with so much yet so little to write about.

The college admissions essay is probably the least anticipated task that rising seniors have to battle out no matter how many essays they have written throughout their high school career. The reason as to why it is so difficult for many students is because there’s no direct prompt. It’s basically a free-for-all in which a student has to portray their best attributes that can’t be seen through your transcript or resume in a maximum of 650 words.

“I didn’t think it would be that hard to talk about myself, but I found myself hitting a wall every time I tried to type something up. I had a surprisingly hard time trying to figure out things about myself that could impress college admissions officers,”junior Marialucia Herdocia said.

Although it could be difficult for a student writing their essay to even write a starting sentence, others find it difficult to keep the essay within the word limit because there is so much one could write about.

“I had so many different topics I wanted to write about that relate to my life and so much I could write about and I found it difficult to keep deleting sentences that I thought were important, since the maximum amount of words we have is so limited,” said junior and recently elected student body president, Emma Granda.

There is a plethora of different topics that students could write about for college admissions essays, from a BLUE mission trip to spaghetti and meatballs, every prompt written creatively has its own unique significance to each student. Although the struggle is real, each and every essay shows how our OLLA students shine in their own ways and is a great opportunity to express the individuality of each student that cannot be seen through a resume or a high school transcript.