Seniors Locked-In for a New Year

Senior Lock-In begins the year with fun & games

On Saturday, August 24th, the OLLA seniors participated in Senior Lock- In. Senior Lock-In is a school tradition, and an opportunity for the senior class to bond and create new memories as a class.

“I had a great time with everyone and seeing everyone together made me really happy,” said senior Sofia Fernandez.

Student council and senior class moderators spent weeks preparing the most perfect evening for their classmates. They carefully planned everything to be COVID safe, but at the same time just like old times.

“As a student council member, the planning part was very hectic but so worth it in the end. I loved how everyone was able to be together while enjoying the fun games and activities,” said senior Tatiana Llanso.

The evening was filled with games including relay races, twister, guess the celebrity, charades, a dance off, watching a movie and decorating the beanies for their little sister. All seniors were divided into groups for all the contests and activities.

“My favorite activity was ‘Guess the Celebrity Game’,” said senior Noelle Roza.

The seniors had an amazing time showing school spirit and bonding with their classmates. All teams got very competitive to win the final prize.

“It was a blast and I can’t wait for upcoming school events, ” said senior council member Mia Izquierdo.