Lourdes Embracing Caribbean Culture with Cook Off/Kick Off

Lourdes kicked off the academic school year with a new celebration, where teams sign up to compete to cook the best pig. Complete with judges, games, and delicious food, Cook Off/Kick Off is certainly an anticipated event with tickets selling out weeks in advance. Each booth is decked out in a theme, some of the notable ones this year were the Cuban pride theme, Space Jam or in this case “Pig Jam,” and the Hogfathers. Groups arrived in the early hours in the morning to marinate and prepare their dishes. The event was a success, with winners in the categories of Best Pig, People’s Choice, and Best All Around Baker.

Living in Miami has its own unique perks, one of them being the immersion of Caribbean culture all around. Many students and faculty members are of Hispanic and Latino descent, which gives our school a special opportunity to take advantage of distinctive cultural traditions. Roast pig, or as it is more commonly known, “lechon,” is a very popular national dish in Hispanic/Latino countries all around the world, ranging from Puerto Rico and Cuba to the Philippines.