Changes for the New School Year

Mia Cecilia Fernandez, Multimedia Editor

After a year of daily changes, students and faculty are fully back on campus. Many things have changed since the last time the school had a full house. There is a new food catering company called Sage, 16 new faculty members, and new students. Coming back for most has been exciting and refreshing.

One of the big changes is a new Dean of Students, Dr. Belarmina Cusido. Dr. Cusido has been a faculty member since 2017, and graduated from the school in 2009. She taught different history courses here at the school before she was assigned the new role as dean. Students love her and view her as an understanding, loving faculty member.

“The transition has been easy and not as difficult as I expected because I am an alumni so I know the culture and transitioning from teacher role model to another type of role model has been amazing,” said Dr. Cusido.

Students are ecstatic to be back in person, and the new faces only add to the excitement. COVID-19 has helped students realize the importance of in person school and appreciate their fellow classmates.

“I’ve seen the appreciation for school and the want to be here, I also see how kindness has grown in all the students and the desire to help each other. I think it’s always an adventure having new OLLA members and being able to learn together how we can continue to support the students in their growth,” said Dr. Cusido.

The new appreciation for in-person school after being online for so long, has made students more attentive, and more willing to learn. Although everyone is happy to be back and grateful for the new year where things are starting to get a little back to normal we all miss the cookie.

The Lourdes cookie is a staple, an iconic part in daily life here at school. Although students love the new food, students definitely miss the iconic OLLA cookie.

“It’s coming back I promise, but the kitchen is learning what the students like and they have different surprises coming for students,” said Dr. Cusido.

This school year has brought many changes, but in change comes new adventure and fun.