New Tastes on Campus

Sage Dining Transforms Lunch Time

Elisa Ramirez, Assignments Editor

Lunchtime looks different this year. These new changes began with the school’s decision to bring in a new cafeteria company, Sage Dining. Sage dining is a healthy catering company that offers a variety of options and is now included in tuition.

According to the Taste of Sage app, SAGE’s registered dietitians make sure that every dish meets high standards. Each chef prepares food in small batches, so that the last person served experiences the same level of quality as the first. They state that they partnered with more than 800 local and regional distributors to supply fresh, seasonal food and produce.

“I like it because it has various options. Everyday, I can choose between a hot lunch or a wrap or salad. I also like how they give us some healthy choices,” said freshman Sofia Ruiz.

Students and teachers were very excited to try a new catering company. They were looking forward to finally having a hot meal for lunch every day.

“I love it so much. I think this is great for the students and teachers who prefer to eat healthy. I prefer this over the food trucks,” said Mrs. Kathy Procce.

On the other hand, not everyone is a fan of all the healthy options and are hoping for some things to be brought back from the previous cafeteria.

“I don’t like it at all. I would change the whole thing because it’s too healthy for a lot of people. They need snacks, chips, soda, muffins and cookies. I want them to bring breakfast back in the morning,” said senior Nina Denis.

On the other hand, freshmen are enjoying it, but are missing something: The famous Lourdes cookie. The famous cookies have been a staple in the school community for many years.

“I like it because I get to pick beforehand what I am going to eat. I want the Lourdes cookies that every other grade has raved about,” said freshman Catalina Cantens.

Students and faculty can use the app called “Taste of Sage” which posts the menu for the whole year. It’s broken down into 6 categories: main ingredients, crossroads, classic cuts deli, improvations, stock exchange, and splashes. Main ingredients include a protein which is a side dish such as pulled pork with white rice and black beans. The crossroads is an extra dish such as either pizza, grilled cheese and potato chips.Classic cuts include a variety of different wraps and salads and Improvisations serves different kinds of fruits, hard boiled eggs and more. Stock exchange serves many types of soup and splashes include spa water, strawberry lemonade, and house made lemonade.

Every student, teacher and faculty are able to see the nutritional information for each item they serve.