Senior Sisterhood: How It Feels To Celebrate One Final Time

The first-hand perspective of a senior as she celebrated her last hoorah with her OLLA sisters during the long-anticipated OLLA Fest.

Stephania Lopez, Web Editor

OLLA, OLLA, Aye! The always-anticipated OLLA Fest returned September 10, as students participated in a variety of activities ranging from tug-of-war to inflatable obstacle courses, all filled with food, friends, and festivities.

As a senior, I find it bittersweet that this is the last time we’ll all be celebrating our beginning of the year celebrations together.

Aside from the last couple of weeks, the last true full-year we’ve experienced as high school students was our freshman year. Our high school experience has been the beginning and the end, no in between.

Looking back, after being home for almost two years due to the coronavirus pandemic, the middle of our high school experience is now a mere fickle of many what-could’ve-beens and hopeful “we-wish”s.

However, as we reconnect once again with our OLLA sisters, OLLA Fest was one of the many to come events we host where we all come together in unity and love for a final hoorah.

Spiritedly gathering together in our FOCUS blocks with girls we’ve come to know for practically four years, give or take, we piled into the gymnasium, looking towards the long-promised senior section.

Full of excitement and cheers, the gymnasium erupted with screams as all classes gathered together for some healthy competition and sisterhood celebrations.

I, alongside my peers, were elated with all the school spirit filling the room, as we all encouraged each other to bring the hype to our last OLLA Fest.

Decked out in purple gear, we danced to songs we’ll always remember and hunted down all the photographers to take our pictures, hoping to capture these memories forever.

We participated in several fun-filled games, joining our OLLA sisters in playing soccer on the field, listening to music in the gym after time out in the scorching heat, or simply sitting on the ground chatting with our friends.

The day ended just like it began, all of our FOCUS classmates together, reminiscing on the day, its moments, and the melancholy of its ending.

OLLA Fest will always continue to be a staple in our school journey, wherever we are and wherever we go.