Calling All Clubs: The 2021-22 Club Fair

Students gathered to explore the variety of clubs the school offers.

Stephania Lopez, Web Editor

Operation Smile, French Club, Agape Prayer Group, DECA. Just a handful of the diverse array of clubs Lourdes offers, these organizations, together with their club moderators and officers, presented students various opportunities to explore new interests and develop passions Wednesday, Sept. 15 during FOCUS.

Located at the school’s gymnasium, club officers exhibited their club’s poster boards, filled with important announcements and information to attract all students.

“I really enjoyed the warm welcomes from all the clubs, including their positive and eager attitudes,” said junior MJ Elorriaga. “It was really nice seeing all the clubs up and running, talking about their meetings, activities, and plans for the school year.”

The colors, pictures, and activities promoted through the posters lured students to the various clubs that expressed their interests and encouraged them to find newfound passions.

“Making the posters allowed us to come together as a club board and work alongside each other to capture our target audience with the exciting colors and pictures,” said senior Sofia Tapanes. “Mrs. Rogowski, our Activities Director, really allowed for all the clubs to have a smooth transition in presenting the importance of their organizations and why students should join.”

Club moderators, their club board members, and Activities Director Mrs. Sandra Rogwoski, worked diligently in order to appeal to the wide variety of students at OLLA.

“The poster boards were so colorful and creative and those speaking about the clubs made me feel as if I was already a part of the club,” said sophomore Victoria Higuera. “The officers created such a comfortable environment, allowing each class to come together allowing me to even talk to freshmen and sophomores I didn’t know.”

The Club Fair allowed students to join communities that will foster friendships across all grades and participate in meaningful activities.

“The environment felt extremely engaging to help our peers learn more about each club,” said junior Nathalie Baboun.

“I truly believe that the OLLA Club Fair encourages students, especially freshmen, to come together in activities with people new to them and allow them to feel welcome into the sisterhood.”

While the OLLA Club Fair allowed for a sneak peek of all the distinct organizations OLLA offers, students interested in finalizing their commitment to one or more club(s) must complete the form sent by Ms. Olga Martinez, Dean of Enrollment and Engagement, no later than Friday, October 15th.