Can Castle Creations

Classes compete in annual Thanksgiving can drive.

Following the collection of various canned foods throughout the month of October and early November, each class’ student council gathered together at the timely hour of 5:30am on Nov.10th to start building one of the biggest spirit point opportunities: Can Castle Creations. 

The freshman class came in first place with their Fairy Garden creation, followed by the seniors and their Rapunzel-themed scene, The juniors sailed into third with their pirate ship and the sophomores superhero city came in fourth.

Gabriella Fernandez

With creativity, dedication, and hard work, the student council members of each class diligently planned to make sure their vision was executed perfectly. More than 8,500 cans were collected for needy families.

“We chose Tangled as our theme, after we watched it together as a class during Senior Lock-In,” Senior Class President Isabel Penin said. “It was set—a no brainer!” 

While the student council members prepared, the rest of their classes collected the most important part: the canned foods, which inevitably made all the difference when assembling and executing their designs. 

“As we began to collect cans from every senior, we would wrap them as time passed in order to make it easier in the long-run,” Penin said. “We’ve been doing this for a month or so, give or take, staying after school for hours on end , making sure everything was ready for the big day.

Gabriella Fernandez

Each class was inspired by their class themes varying from the Junior Pirates to the Freshman Fairies, while adding special touches to each of their creations.

“We decided to use a cityscape idea, titled OLLAVille, adding Superman fighting COVID after we lost our freshman year due to the virus and to go with our “Sophomore Superhero” theme,” sophomore class student council member Chloe Orrett said. 
The designs included little hidden and not-so-hidden phrases, signs, and symbols to illustrate the students’ OLLA experience. 

Gabriella Fernandez

“There are little cars on the roads, a projector of the Batman symbol, and we even included different phrases such as “The Grotto” and “Thrive” to reflect special parts of OLLA and our year as sophomores,” sophomore class student council member Carolina Martinez said. 

Students were super proud of the work all the student council members did in order to make their designs go from ideas to reality. 

“I loved our pirate ship design, seeming as it truly connects back to the “Faith Unsinkable” phrase we’ve chanted throughout the year,” junior Gabriella Garrido said. “The Barbie dolls walking the plank are my favorite part.”

The freshmen, creating their first ever Can Castle Creation, were certainly elated to project their class theme: The Freshman Fairies. 

Gabriella Fernandez

“The design truly reflects the creativity and effort our class showed in order to make it happen,” freshman Sofia Ruiz said. 

Can Castle Creation winner results are chosen by OLLA alumni and announced at the end of the day, following much anticipation and excitement to see who will truly win the title of Can Creation Champion. 

Results were posted at the end of the day on Nov.10th.