2021 Pop Culture in Review 


Isabelle Fernandez

2021 was definitely a year to remember, filled with many events and interesting news in pop culture. Here is a rewind of the most important pop culture news from the past year.

Isabella Fernandez, staff writer

After a year of controversy, vaccines and chaos, many might have skipped over some pop culture moments that landed on the front covers of all of the headlines. So, as 2021 comes to a close – let’s look back at the pop culture moments that shaped 2021 and the ones we really wish we could forget. 

Styles gone Wilde 

January 2021. A month where everyone began, hoping for a fresh start and positive vibes; until the pictures of Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde holding hands at a friend’s wedding were leaked. This “more than friendly” picture prompted a rivalry within Harry Styles’ intense fandom (or everyone because really, who doesn’t like Mr. Styles). Whether you believe that this couple is meant to be or not, you can’t help but admit, they look really pretty together. 

The Second Coming 

Everyone loves a good rekindling of a couple we all know and love, and when it’s J.Lo it just makes it more interesting. The quick split between a fan favorite couple, J.Lo and A.Rod shocked the hearts of many, but when J.Lo was seen with her ex-love Ben Affleck everyone couldn’t help but do a double take. The couple was first seen in 2003 and a short eighteen years later they’re back, better than ever and I can’t help but feel that maybe these two were meant to be. 

Go Easy on Us Adele 

I’m sure every car recently has become a recording studio as we all try to hit the notes from Adeles’ newest album, 30. After years, Adele has come out of the shadows and captured our hearts all over again. With her many interviews and television specials, we can’t seem to smile at her cheeky British accent and her hilarious laugh but the voice that follows is impeccable. We love her, and we’re so happy to have her back.

Free Brittany 

An icon for decades, Brittany Spears has been released from her conservatorship. Her 13-year road to freedom had so many different shocking elements. But we can all agree that her testimony against her own father, Jamie Spears, was a bombshell and an important moment in entertainment and pop culture history, not just 2021. 

Taylor’s All Too Well 

As Taylor Swift’s new series of re-recordings of her older albums continues, her songs from the vault have left “Swifties” at the edge of their seats. So, when Taylor put out her ten minute long never before heard version of her hit “All Too Well” which had a ten minute short film to accompany it, we were all left in tears, so many tears. From her short film I think we can all conclude, Taylor is an angel and Jake Gyllenhall is the worst!

Pete Davidson and Kim? Kim Kardashian? 

Now this is an odd duo we all thought we would never have to think about. After her break out into comedy by hosting Saturday Night Live, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have been seen hanging out after her split with husband and father to her children, Kanye West. Definitely did not see that coming but that pop kiss on the magic carpet must have stirred a magic in Kim’s heart and they are rumored to be dating. We can just hope she’s happy and that Pete doesn’t fall victim to the “Kardashian Kurse.”

These are just a few of my iconic pop culture moments but I was too caught up in Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde’s relationship for half the year to keep up with it all, this is what has captured other student’s attention this year.

“The Kim and Kanye divorce really shocked me. I didn’t really like them together but they have the cutest kids and they seemed really in love.” – Lucia Moglia, Junior 

“Kylie Jenner being pregnant again has been my favorite pop culture moment this year. Stormi is the cutest and I can’t wait to see her new little brother or sister. It’s always cute to see another Kardashian.” – Ceci Barrientos, Junior 

“Olivia Rodrigo’s new album Sour has been my favorite thing to come out of 2021. It’s been on repeat on my Spotify since it came out and Drivers License is even my number one song on my Spotify Wrapped.” – Lorenza Borja, Sophomore 

“All of the drama with the royal family has been so interesting to me. I love the royal family and Prince Harry has always been my favorite so I was so surprised to see that they all broke apart and that interview with Oprah was amazing.” – Karla Fernandez, Senior 

“The Met Gala this year was so bad it was my most stand out pop culture memory from 2021. Nobody understood the assignment and it was really sad.” – Francesca Caraballo, Freshman 

See ya 2021! We can’t wait for what 2022 has in store.