Entering the Web of the Multiverse

Spider-Man: No Way Home sparks success

Everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood superhero returned in Spider-Man: No Way Home this winter.

Spider-Man: No Way Home premiered on December 17, 2021. Since then, it has been globally recognized as the eighth highest-grossing movie in history with $1.5 billion. Moreover, it is also considered the No. 1 movie of 2021.

Despite the numerous cinematic versions of Spider-Man films, this film managed to weave together the tangled web of the spider-verse, leaving every fan utterly wonderstruck.

“No Way Home is definitely my favorite movie right now because of the way they brought everything together with the three different Spider-Mans,” junior Paola Lista said.

The character of Peter Parker is an ordinary guy who was involuntarily bit by a radioactive spider, giving him impressive superpowers. Marvel fans are distinctly captivated by each actor who takes this role. 

Some argue that while Toby Maguire is an exceptional Peter Parker, and Andrew Garfield is an amazing Spider-Man, Tom Holland harmoniously combines the two… making him the perfect package. 

“I think Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man, and not only because he’s my celebrity crush but also because he encapsulates everything that is both Peter Parker and Spider-Man,” sophomore Alexandra Diaz said.

The film spiked sentiment amongst Marvel fans due to the reprise of past roles, as well as its phenomenal execution. Amidst the crowd in a theater, the audience’s reactions vary from shouts, laughs, and cries. 

“I watched the new Spider-Man movie the day it came out that Thursday,” sophomore Isabella Astudillo says. “Everyone’s reactions were always in sync; it was probably the most lively crowd I’ve ever seen inside a movie theater.”

Regardless of one’s Spidey preference, Spider-Man: No Way Home is undoubtedly necessary to watch on the big screen. This web of nostalgia adventures through the multiverse, while fans seek out what will come next. It is only available in theaters, so come watch it while you still can.