Hall Wars Takes Over


Paola LIsta

Junior Ana De Cardenas joins juniors Beatriz Nunez and Nicole James work on one of the main panels of the Junior Wall.

It’s that time of year again; The time of year where students are rushing around with sharpies and paint, making ginormous posters to be displayed on Spirit Day.

“Hall Wars is so exciting because we get to work together as a team and we put so much effort into these panels. It is always so rewarding to see the final product,”  senior Nicole Pernas said.

Senior Council take over Ms. Minnie Poole’s room to create the details for their senior wall. (Mica Garcia)

For countless students throughout the school, Hall Wars has taken over. This event takes weeks of work, and the process is no easy task. It starts with taping together hundreds of blank posters to make panels that stretch from the ground to the second floor of the grotto building.

Freshman make 2 panels, sophomores make 4, juniors make 6, and seniors make 8. Next, students come up with designs that will cover the panels, and they start drawing and painting as soon as possible.

The best poster wins the most spirit points, so the process is very competitive between grades, and students try their best to keep their designs hidden until spirit day.

While the Student Council handles the bulk of the project, other members of each class help out as much as they can. On spirit day, the panels are revealed surrounding the entire grotto, filling the area with colorful, hand-drawn interpretations of school culture and class memories.

Due to the COVID-induced virtual year, each of the grades got a year off from hall wars. Unfortunately, this has made hall wars a bigger challenge for freshman and sophomores, who have had to create their posters without prior experience.

The initial designs began on campus for all class walls and were led by student council members. (Paola Lista)

“Hall Wars has definitely been a lot of work for the past few weeks, but it is a lot of fun to paint with girls in my class, and I can’t wait to see how the final product will look,” freshman Chloe Hannah said.

The freshman class has been racking up impressive amounts of spirit points, and the rest of the school can’t wait to see how they handle this major spirit point event. 

Additionally, each of the council’s moderators have been around to help.

“Although Hall Wars is a tremendous amount of work, I believe the process of building and painting the panels really brings the girls together. The freshman class has some really impressive artists and I am excited and happy about the final product,” freshman class moderator Mrs. Minoso said.

While each grades’ student council handles the bulk of the work, other members of each class help out as much as they can. Classes spend incredible amounts of time making the posters, and all the work pays off on Spirit Day.

Seniors Jacquelyn Santa Maria and Mica Garcia help out with the senior wall and checking on the details. (Nicole Pernas)

“Although it takes upwards of 100 hours to complete from design to display, seeing all the colors in the grotto make it all worthwhile,” senior Isabel Penin said.

As classes finish up the final touches of their posters this week, anticipation grows for the grand reveal. Be sure to get a good look at all the posters on Spirit Day!

Detail of the freshman panel that won second place overall for all the great detail.