Celebrating Women’s History: Our Importance


Mia Michele Aviles

Women have tiredlessly fought for their freedoms for hundreds of years. Women’s History Month, celebrated in the U.S, highlights their past, present, and what women can do to make their future bright.

For as long as time can recall, women have played pivotal roles in shaping society. Let it be as scientists, writers, artists, politicians, mothers, daughters, aunts or cousins, women have done it all. As the month of March commences, the United States begins celebrating all that women have done to pave the way for their freedoms in honor of Women’s History Month. 

History is a testament to women’s strength and perseverance, which is yet to be fully appreciated in present times,” senior Sofia Portal said. “To know history is to know the women that participated in the evolution of society.”

But the fight for women was never easy. From lack of civil rights to gender pay gaps, women have constantly faced the harshness that plagues our world for simply not being man. 

To put it into perspective, it has not been that long since women truly acquired their deserved rights as simple human beings. Let’s look at the year 1920, simply 102 years ago women were finally granted the right to vote; to have a say in their legislature, in the society they contribute so much to.

It is this history, this adversity and perseverance, that makes all women hold a fervor to keep fighting for the equality they deserve, honoring those past, helping those present, and creating for those in the future.

“We need to fight for the future generations of women,” senior Christina Silva said. “These generations need opportunities that allow them to pursue their dreams to create a balanced future, one that is a man and woman’s world.”  

Hundreds of thousands of women, known and unknown, have partaken in journeying down this difficult road society has created for them, many who have spoken up and been heard.

“Women I really look up to are Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jane Goodall, and Billie Jean King,” senior Amanda Rubio said. “These women have constantly held ideals and work that I have felt inspired by, most especially in opening their positions in life to be ones that are accepting of a woman in power and success.” 

Trailblazers like these have roamed our world for years, but even amidst their continuous work, women still suffer at the hands of stereotypes and challenges that deter their progression. 

“Some of our biggest challenges faced today are the struggles in being in positions of powers, whether this be in the private sector or in government and the constant battle women face in light of sexual abuse and assault,” Portal said. “At the end of the day, women should be in all spaces where decisions that affect their lives are being made.”

Amidst these challenges, there can still be ways to overcome this hurdles that come in the way of success for women. 

“We could resolve these issues if we encouraged more women to join the work force through equal pay, offered greater opportunities for success, and ensured safe working environments for women,” Portal said. 

Women’s history continues to write itself as time progresses and will continue to be a reminder of the fire that all women hold from within.

“Celebrating women’s history recognizes how the history of women has changed over time,” senior Sofia Tapanes said. “It educates the women of today and of the future that anything is possible, if they truly work together with each other to make their dreams come true, giving each other the wings necessary to fly.”

As this month continues to highlight all that women have accomplished, make sure to give thanks for the women in your life, those past, present and future, while striving to be a trailblazer yourself in the little actions you do great love.