Miami: The Spring Break Hotspot

With the long awaited spring break in full swing, many spring breakers, as they’re notoriously known as, are searching for some sun and certainly lots of fun. What better place to start than in the Sunshine State’s very own Miami, the hotspot for non-stop nightlife and white-sand beaches?

Miami, known for its never ending nightlife and breathtaking sights coupled with beautiful beaches, is every spring breaker’s dream. This year, however, they’re taking it too far—damaging the lives of fellow tourists and residents alike. (Getty Images)

The countless crowds may be enjoying their time sulking in the sun and spending their life savings at local restaurants, but the residents and legislature of Miami Beach are quite frightened at the outbursts and havoc occuring. Turning the city into a nightmare, this year’s spring breakers are causing shootings, street brawls, crowd stampedes, and public indecency. 

“I think it’s extremely frightening and worrying to see something that is supposed to be a joyous, fun vacation turn into something quite dangerous, for both spring breakers and residents alike,” senior Christina Silva said. 

This outbreak in visitors has heightened police presence in pivotal areas such as Ocean Drive, among others. In addition, with the multitude of people, many, police say, have been threatening others with armed weapons. These actions, let them be legitimate or mere pranks, have begun to terrorize the locals.

Crowds clamor at South Beach, hub for all things fun and fresh in light of the spring break season. (Getty Images)

“Personally, I find it to be very irresponsible. Although one comes to spend spring break with excitement, that should not be an excuse to wreak havoc, placing the lives of others at risk,” senior Luiza Trad said.

These actions have led the City of Miami Beach to declare a state of emergency, imposing a midnight curfew in order to deter further incidents from occurring. This curfew has been stated to target the problematic South Beach hotspots, which extend from 23rd Street to South Pointe Drive. Officials have advised that this curfew will remain until spring breakers finish their much unwanted stay.

In light of the craziness surrounding this year’s spring break, police have heightened their presence but occurrences such as shootings and intense crowding have made themselves known this season. (Getty Images)

“It’s unexpected,” senior Amanda Charbonneau said. “I wouldn’t think that there’d be so much chaos happening, especially leading to a state of emergency. You always know spring break can be pretty crazy but it’s just shocking this year.”

With every Miami Beach resident counting the days until spring break is officially over, city officials wish to stay away from this image of chaos and partying and into one of upscale dining and entertainment. 

“We don’t ask for it, promote it, or encourage it. We just endure it,” Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gebler said in a press conference earlier last week.

As this notorious time comes close to its end, Miami Beach will have to plan how they wish to truly handle this appearance they no longer want and turn it into one that will not heighten these occurrences next year.