Summer in Salamanca

My take on studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain this summer.

Senior Isabella Nuñez strolling the streets of Salamanca going to class. (Courtesy Isabella Nunez)

Europe: it is a place of new views, new food, and new experiences. A change of scenery offers one a distinct perspective of life. Standing on an entirely different spot in the world from where one is used to can be the most beautiful and rewarding experience.

This summer I, along with some of my friends, traveled to Europe where we studied at the University of Salamanca. There I was given the opportunity to dip my toe in the pool of college life and Spanish culture. I strengthened my bilingualism by conversation and learned about Spanish businesses, since that is my academic interest. Studying abroad provided me with an impressive impact on my knowledge and wisdom. Immersing myself in this new culture was an experience that I will never forget.

If someone asked me what my absolute favorite thing about Spain would be…I would probably say all the gelato. Strolling down the streets and grabbing a cone of gelato for just a few euros is an incomparable experience. Despite that, the delicious cuisine I enjoyed consisted of tapas, paella, croquetas de jamón ibérico, and tortillas de patatas. The best part about eating all the food was being able to walk it all out, since traveling in vehicles is certainly not a thing.

Seniors Danielle Noriega, Gabriella Fernandez, and Isabella Nuñez at graduation of the program. (Courtesy of Isabella Nunez)

Moreover, I participated in flamenco lessons and attended a breathtaking show by the teacher. I then learned in my classes that the harmonious combination of music and dancing originated in the southern region of Andalusia. What makes flamenco so special is the overwhelming passion demonstrated on the stage. The show connects the performers and audience through the powerful emotion. Unique details of flamenco consist of intricate costumes, hand movements, and expressions.

The country of Spain is so incredibly special to me; I am so grateful to have spent my summer there and become culturally enriched. Now I ask you Bobcats, how did you spend your summer?