ZOOM Fatigue

Students over remote learning


Emma Diaz

Angelina Rose (Top Left) said, “This picture pretty much describes how I feel when I join my zoom classes every day.”

Emma Diaz

Over a month ago, zooming became the new norm. At that point it was something new and different so many students were excited to see what it had in store. Now, a month later, all students are wishing for is to get back to class.

Having to zoom everyday does not give me the same class environment as I had in school so it leaves me unmotivated to do work, Junior, Mariana Paniagua said. As the weeks have gone by it has become obvious that not just students but teachers are also getting tired of seeing their students through a camera rather than in class. Day by day the number of students who put their hoodies up and lie down in bed is increasing and most teachers like Mrs. Retana understand the struggle.

“At first there was only one person who showed their ceiling or hoodie now it’s half the class,” teacher, Mrs. Retana said.

Believe it or not, staring at your screen and laying down in bed all day gets you more tired than physically being at school.

“It’s not even that we aren’t doing anything, it’s that we are doing the same thing over and over again, it just gets repetitive and boring after a while,” Junior, Katie Perdomo said.

Being in school was not only more beneficial but it also gave students the opportunity to talk to one another face to face and even things as simple as visiting a teacher after school has become more difficult. From freshmen to seniors and even faculty and staff, everyone seems to be experiencing that zoom fatigue.

“It becomes hard to keep yourself focused throughout the entire class especially when the teacher lectures for the whole
hour. I just end up watching the minutes go by,” said Sophomore Samantha Diaz.

Whether it’s awkward silence or random breakout rooms, students are just tired of the virtual connection amongst one another. Although zoom seems to be our worst enemy, it is not the worst case scenario, “at least we still get to connect with people (virtually) and go to school every day. Not all students are as lucky,” Freshman, Katy Puig said. Although zoom isn’t the ideal way to continue the school year and it has started to become tiresome, all we can do is push through this final stretch and hope that next year we will go back to normal.