A Trip to the Drive-In

September 11, 2020

The Corona pandemic might have limited the public from enjoying restaurants, concerts, and malls, but as it becomes safer to return to our more typical routine these fun to do’s are beginning to open. Despite this exciting news, movie theatres are falling behind. One of our most beloved past times, moviegoers of all ages have been feeling the symptoms of withdrawal as months go by with no sign of opening.

What has been the fix? Taking a trip back to the 1950’s and reintroducing drive-in movies. Two popular spots are located in the Hard Rock Stadium and The Youth Fairgrounds.

At $11 per person and up to 6 people per vehicle, you and your family/friends can visit the drive-in and experience all the fun. Once you arrive you are directed to your parking space and can even go in a jeep or pickup truck and have a picnic filled with blankets, food, and friends.
Concessions are also available through your mobile device for an efficient and socially distanced way of delivery.

After getting comfortable, make sure to tune into the designated radio station in order to hear your movie from the comfort of your car. All that’s next is to sit back and enjoy.

Once the movie is over, workers will guide you through the exit to ensure traffic stays light.

This new spin on an old classic is a fun way to get out of the house during a time where Netflix marathons feel like the closest you’ll get to a movie theatre. Links to purchase tickets for each location will be found below.

Make sure to stop by and take a trip to the movies: socially distanced style.

Hard Rock Stadium Drive In

Drive In at The Fair