Mask Superlatives


Andrea Valdes-Sueiras and Sofia Pereda

Ever since March 2019, masks have become an increasingly important accessory in all our lives. Considering we wear one everyday, it’s about time we feature a hand picked selection of our favorite high quality gear. Below we’ve included our top picks along with links to purchase each mask sorted into categories to fit every part of everyday life.

Most affordable –
Coming up at most affordable is the everyday disposable mask. It’s simple and effective: everyone’s “go to.” They first got their popularity in May when everyone scrambled for their first facial covering of the COVID season, and they’re still relevant now.

Most protectant –

The most protectant of our mask options is none other than the KN95. This mask is sure to protect us from the looming virus. In a basic shade of black or white, the KN95 doesn’t take away from any outfit.

Best all around –
She’s beauty! She’s grace! She’s Atoms. The Atoms mask has it all. It’s versatile, timeless, and comfortable. The neoprene-ish material fits well in the gym, and it doesn’t get uncomfortable once you break a sweat. It’s seamless edge and pastel hues can finish any incomplete attire. Besides, its continuous fabric around the ears makes it comfier than an unadjustable white string.

Most expensive…but fashionable –
The Marni mask belongs on a couture runway, and it knows that. Packaging is just the key to my soul, and although it’s on the pricier aside, it comes with its own drawstring: the perfect cinch for loose jewelry and other masks. It’s brush strokes make you feel like you’ve got Monet’s painting over your nose and mouth.

Most exercise proof –
Gymshark Face Coverings (2PK) – Black
GymShark is known as a top dog in the fitness world. From leggings to resistance bands, this business is any gym rat’s go to. Because of its breathable design, soft fabric, and sleek finish, this mask was the natural pick. Coming in a pack of two for about $15, the masks aren’t too overpriced. Buy a pack today so you can rock the brand from head to toe next time you workout.