Spirit Week with a Twist

Olivia Garcia, staff

Due to COVID-19 the students have lost a lot of their favorite traditions like OLLA Fest, winter formal, and more. This year the students celebrated spirit week a little differently in order to have fun while staying safe.

The week of the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes was spirit week at the school and it included fun activities and class bonding to encourage school spirit. The students dressed up in their class colors, played games, and had a picnic one day, and the other they dressed up in their class theme.

“We were trying to do something for you to have fun activities together and show some spirit,” freshman moderator Ms. Lourdes Vega said. “We wanted the girls to have a lot of fun this week to make up for the things the school wasn’t able to do this year like OLLA fest, welcome week, and others.”

The students enjoyed spending time with their classmates and got involved in the friendly competition against the other grades.

“I liked the games and being able to have the picnic for lunch but I wish we would’ve been able to play the games against the seniors. I was looking forward to that since freshman year,” junior Isabella Jaureguizar said. “But it was fun playing against the sophomores anyway considering the circumstances.”

The seniors spent the day with their “little sisters” and gave them their beanies.

“I felt like the spirit was there even though it wasn’t a normal spirit day. I definitely loved being with my class on our last one,” senior Nati Llanso said.

The students were still able to participate in the fun tradition this year and made the best out of